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Images of Single Keratin Positive


This is an example of keratin positive cells in a lymph node from a patient with breast cancer; no diagnostic metastatic carcinoma was seen with H&E stains of this sentinel lymph node.  The first picture on the left shows the subcapsular sinus histiocytes in an H&E stained level.  The middle picture is a scanning view of the keratin stain with single, positive staining cells in the subcapsular sinus.  The picture on the right is a high power, showing keratin staining of cytoplasm and staining of the nucleus with a counterstain indicating it is a cell and not artifact.


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H&E of next level sectioned.jpg (80049 bytes) Single Keratin Pos cells[1].jpg (100416 bytes) Single Keratin Pos[1].jpg (116216 bytes)


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