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The final lecture in the current CME course on Technology and the Future of Medicine is Wednesday December 14th. The graduate student version of the course begins January 10th and runs through April. Dr. Solez is giving a lecture on Mainstreaming the Technological Singularity in Universities and Beyond at Extreme Futurist Fest December 17, 2011 in Los Angeles.


Dr. Solez' presentation on "Boundaries and Ethics in cyberNephrology" presented at the 10th Anniversary Southwest Nephrology Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona on Sunday March 1, 2009 can be downloaded here.


Dr. Solez' presentation on "Cybermedicine in 2009 and Beyond" presented at the NKF 2009 Spring Clinical Meetings in Nashville, Tennessee on March 26, 2009 can be downloaded in PDF format here, and in PowerPoint format here. The PDF file contains several slides on one page but is only 3403 KB, whereas the PowerPoint file is 59 490 KB.


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