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cyberNephrologyTM joins with other organizations in the nephrology and transplant fields to bring as many Internet-based resources as possible to the renal community. It currently cooperates with:
  • CenterSpan, a collaborative project of the American Society of Transplant Physicians and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, created to support the practice of transplantation through the creation and application of new educational and communication tools on the Internet.  Transplant-related messages from NEPHROL are shared with the CenterSpan site and the members of its listserv e-mail group.
  • The Video Legacy Project of the International Society of Nephrology.  The National Kidney Foundation is the sole U.S. distributor of the Video Legacy Project's CD-ROM, which captures the living history of nephrology and solid organ transplantation through interviews with pioneers in the field.  These include John Jacob Abel, Claus Brun, Eric Bywaters, Robert H. Heptinstall, David Hume, Priscilla Kincaid-Smith, Willem Kolff, John Merrill, Kenzo Oshima and Belding Scribner.

    Also recently produced for the ISN Newsletter is the document "Technology and the ISN: cyberNephrology and the Informatics Commission" Kim Solez, M.D. Chair, ISN Commission on Nephrology Informatics, and Director, NKF cyberNephrology

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